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Museum "Tula antiquity" will soon introduce a new exhibit

Museum "Tula antiquity" will soon introduce a new exhibit

One of the oldest museum exhibitions Tula said goodbye to their visitors. To celebrate the 634 anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo in "Tula Antiquities" opens a new interactive exhibition.

Archaeological exhibition in "Tula antiquity" was opened in 1995 and has since introduced to the history of the Tula region more than 400,000 visitors . It was collected unique exhibits - Tula archaeological expedition findings relating to different periods of history of the region.

With each of the more than 800 exhibits, which found a new life in a museum, were related their stories, which guides "Tula Antiquities" told to visitors. Together with the museum relics committed day after day travel stories Tula, they began in the Stone Age, and ended in the Tula region XVI-XVII centuries. And now a museum "Tula antiquity" is preparing to tell a new story.

At the site of the old archaeological exhibition in September will be a new interactive exhibition "The Legend of Mamay." However, it will not just familiarity with the history of recorded Battle of Kulikovo. In "Tula Antiquities" will be presented the material that will be part of a new exhibition of the museum complex "Battle of Kulikovo Field". Its construction is in full swing on the Kulikovo field in year of the 700th anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezhskiy.

The new museum space "Tula Antiquities" will work both in terms of interactive sessions specially designed museum educators, and in free visit. The main visitors, according to the authors of the project, the children become. However, adults will be happy in the new exhibition. The information provided on it will be interesting and accessible for all ages.

The main motto of the exhibition will be the new slogan "Touching allowed!". For example, here you can not only touch the medieval weapons and armor, to feel their weight and compare them Penetration and protective qualities, but also try to weave chainmail or plate armor do. To help guide the tourists will be developed with the tasks of varying complexity. However, it is not necessary to tune the fact that all the answers are on the surface. Fascinating search and will allow children and adults to become real time researchers and to discover the history of Kulikovo Field and the Battle of Kulikovo.

We are waiting for all the fans in the history of the museum and exhibition center "Tula antiquity"! While we are working on a new interactive exhibition "The Legend of Mamay" favorite tourist exhibition "Secrets of Tula masters" offers sightseeing tours and game sessions for groups and individual posetiteley.