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The 11th European Dry Grassland Meeting

The 11th European Dry Grassland Meeting

European Steppes and Semi-natural Dry Grasslands: Ecology, Transformation and Restoration

5-9th June 2014, Kulikovo Field (Tula region, Russia)

The aim of the conference is to acquaint participants with the diversity of steppe and dry grassland vegetation in different ecological situations. The diversity of natural conditions within Russia is one reason for the diversity of dry grassland vegetation from the forest-steppe to the steppe zones. By the way, the conference will be held in European Russia. But intensive anthropogenic impact is the reason for landscape transformation. As a result, most parts of the steppe and meadow sites were plowed and transformed into arable land. Main questions: how to restore the natural landscape? What methods are successful in different situations? How to manage steppe vegetation?

At the conference you can become familiar with the peculiarities of steppe and dry grassland vegetation of both the European and Asian parts. This is an opportunity to meet scientists from different fields, and to learn more about the spatial and ecological diversity of dry grassland vegetation. During the conference excursions, you will become acquainted with the vegetation of the northern part of the forest-steppe zone (Tula region, Kulikovo Field area) and also experience steppe restoration. During the post-conference tour, you will also become acquainted with the vegetation of the southern regions of Russia: forest-steppes of the Kursk region and the steppes of the Rostov region.

The conference and post-conference tour will acquaint you with the cultural and historical heritage of Russia!

Location: The 11th European Dry Grassland Meeting will be held between 5-9th June 2014 at the Kulikovo Field area, located in the south-east part of the Tula region (European Russia). The post-conference tour will include visits to the Central Black Earth Reserve (Kursk region) and M. Sholokhov Museum-Reserve (Rostov region).

Language – English

Registration will be open from November 2013
For frequent updates and more details, please visit the conference homepage at http://www.edgg.org

We are looking forward to seeing you in Russia!

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee and EDGG

Elena Volkova (convallaria@mail.ru)
Michael Vrahnakis(mvrahnak@teilar.gr)