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The “Kulikovo Field” history festival 2011

The “Kulikovo Field” history festival 2011

The “Kulikovo Field” history festival 2012

The Festival of History “Kulikovo Field” has been held annually since 1996 in the middle of September on the eve of the Kulikovo battle Anniversary day. Delegations of military and historical clubs from all over Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, engaged in military and historical reenactment, participate in the event. Last year more than 70 clubs took part in the festival. They locate a living history campsite on the right bank of the Don River near Tatinki village not far from the historic site of  the Kulikovo battle of 1380.

You can visit Reenactor’s campsite and see Russian Warrior and Golden Horde’s Khan, Viking and Crusader walking around and make great photos with them.

Festival program includes:
Knights tournaments
Medieval armor and costume competition
Swordplay competition
Archery displays
Medieval equipment and clothing market
Recreation of dress, armament, armor and warrior’s equipment of medieval Russia, adjoining states of that time, nomads of Russian southern steppes and the Golden Horde .

Suggested tour program:
Visiting of Reenactor’s campsite (reenactment performance, display fighting, living history)
Visit to Memorial Complex in Monastyirshchino village – the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Cathedral, Kulikovo Battle’s Museum
Visit to Krasny Hill Memorial Complex - Sergey Radonezhsky’s Cathedral, “For the Russian Land and Christian Faith…” Exposition.

Come and get your own way right into the past!

For further information contact travel department at +7 (4872) 36-28-34 or e-mail: tourism@kulpole.tula.net